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If you've suffered a workplace injury,
your peace of mind starts with Collier Law.

An accident at work can be devastating. There are often serious medical and financial obstacles to overcome, along with significant questions about the future. It’s a stressful time, and trying to navigate your way through it can be overwhelming.

At Collier Law, we’re here to help you move forward after an accident. If you’re a victim, it’s important for you to not only know your rights, but to have a legal advocate who will aggressively fight to protect them. That’s what we do every day with compassion and determination, personal attention and professional expertise.

If you hire us, it’s important to know that we only get paid if you do. Until that day comes, you can count on us being your legal advocates: guiding you through this difficult process, fighting to secure the compensation you deserve, and giving you peace of mind when you need it the most.

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Workers’ Compensation

Injured and disabled workers are who we represent. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, please know you have rights. We’re here to fight for you and with you to preserve them.


Personal Service

Trey Collier personally handles every case at Collier Law. Regardless of the size and scope of your claim, we give every client the same uncapped level of time, respect, and service.



If you’ve been in an accident, you undoubtedly have an abundance of questions and concerns about what to do next. We’ve addressed some of the most common questions for you here. 


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