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Industrial Injury Law Firm Charlotte NC

Industrial injuries cover the illnesses and injuries that may occur by an accident in your office or workplace. These injuries include orthopedic, such as knee and back ailments that are particular to hazards in the workplace. If you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits.


What Benefits Can You Get If You Had A North Carolina Industrial Injury and Work with a Work Injury Attorneys?

An injured employee is placed on workers’ compensation leave and is taken off the state’s regular payroll. However, while on workers’ compensation leave, the injured employee is still eligible for the following benefits:


  • Health Insurance

While on leave, the injured employee remains eligible for State Health Plan. Monthly reminders, invoices, and payment coupons will not be sent to the injured employee, as long as he/she pays the premiums owed to continue the health insurance coverage. However, after 30 days of returning to work, the employee needs to re-enroll in the State Health Plan.


  • Vacation or Sick Leave

The injured employee continues to accumulate vacation and sick leave while on workers’ compensation leave. The accrued vacation and sick leave will be credited for use once the employee returns to work. If the injured employee is unable to return to work, the accumulated vacation and sick leave will be paid along with the unused vacation and bonuses earned prior to the injury.


  • Longevity Credit

While on workers’ compensation leave, the employee will receive longevity credit so that it will not affect much of his/her credit score. He/she may also receive annual payments if he/she is eligible.


  • Salary Upon Return to Work

Upon returning to work, the employee’s salary is computed based on his/her last salary plus any legislative increases that he/she is entitled to. Other performance increases such as incentives or commissions that have not been given because of the work-related injury may also be included in his/her reinstatement salary.


  • Disability Income Plan of North Carolina

If the injured employee becomes temporarily or permanently disabled, he/she may receive partial replacement income through the Disability Income Plan of North Carolina. However, if employee is terminated from his/her post, he/she is no longer eligible to have this income plan.


  • Retirement Service Credit

While on worker’s compensation leave, the injured employee may purchase credits without receiving retirement service credit. The Retirement System will provide a statement of the cost upon the employee’s request.


Why You Need an Lawyer for Your Compensation Claim

If you were injured at work and you want to claim your workers’ compensation and other benefits you are entitled to, it is best to do this with the help of an injury lawyer. Getting these benefits can be difficult, which is why you need someone who knows what he/she is doing. Learn more about occupational injuries here.


  • An Injury Lawyer Can Help You Get the Medical Attention You Deserve

Contacting your lawyer immediately after work accidents may help you get the right medical treatment that you need. Your lawyer might know some medical practitioners that can provide you the right treatment.


  • An Injury Lawyer Knows What Settlement Is Fair for You

Some injured employees don’t know how much compensation they should get. You can trust your lawyer to help you get a fair settlement since he/she knows how much your claim is worth.


  • An Injury Lawyer Is Objective

After work accidents, the pain and suffering that you feel may affect your judgment. Your lawyer can help you focus on the facts of the case and help you get the right settlement you deserve.


  • An Injury Lawyer Knows and Understands the Legal Process

Some injured employees have little knowledge about this process. Some of them don’t even know that they can file a petition after being denied of their claim. Your lawyer is knowledgeable about the procedures and he/she knows what necessary steps you have to do next.


  • An Injury Lawyer Is Best at Negotiating

You may have to deal with the insurance representative or your employer’s lawyer. They may try to persuade you to accept a settlement that is not enough to compensate for the severity of your injuries. Your lawyer will be your best chance in getting the compensation that you deserve.


  • An Injury Lawyer Knows How to Effectively Communicate With Insurance Companies

Since your injury lawyer has experience in cases like yours, he/she would know how to respond to the insurance companies. You can be certain that he/she won’t settle for an amount that is not fair for you.


  • An Injury Lawyer Can Help You Choose the Best Move

If you were injured at work, you can usually file either an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit may take time, but it could be your only option. Your lawyer will study your case and help you choose the best option.


  • An Injury Lawyer Can Help You Get a Fair Settlement in a Shorter Period

While pursuing your claim, you may not know which forms to fill out. You may even waste your time filing paperwork that is not required from you. Your injury lawyer can help prepare the paperwork needed so you can get your benefits as soon as possible.


  • An Injury Lawyer Can Pursue Your Claim While You Focus on Getting Better

Pursuing your claim can be stressful and may not be advisable while you’re still in recovery. Your personal injury lawyer can deal with the compensation procedure while you focus on getting better. He/she will make sure to update you with the progress of your claim.


  • An Injury Lawyer Helps With Litigation

If your compensation claim is disputed, your next option is to bring your case to court. Even if your claim is legitimate, the court may still dispute it especially if you don’t have an injury lawyer. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire an injury lawyer from Collier Law. Your injury lawyer will gather all evidence to win your case.


Why You Need To Hire a Lawyer From Collier Law

Choosing the right attorney can be tough because Charlotte, North Carolina has different law firms to choose from. Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose an injury lawyer from Collier Law:


  • We Only Want What’s Best For You

At Collier Law, you are more than just a case number. We treat our client as part of our business. We like to know more about you for us to understand your situation and represent you better.


  • We Protect Your Rights and Help Preserve Your Future

If you have been injured at work, you can be sure that your employer or their insurance carrier has a lawyer that protects their own interests. You need to have a lawyer that would protect your interests as well. Our lawyers can defend your right and we make sure to bring a positive outcome.


  • We Work Hard to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

We understand that pursuing your claim can be very stressful for you and your family, especially while you are still recovering from a work-related injury. We are prepared to pursue your compensation claim on your behalf and we will make sure to serve your best interests.


  • We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

Since we work on a contingency basis, our injury lawyer will only be paid if you are. This means that our lawyers will be paid after getting you the insurance settlement that you deserve.


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