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Injured Work Charlotte NC


Your Charlotte work and your health are integral aspects of your daily life. You need to be as healthy as possible to perform your duties. What would you do if you get involved in an accident that leaves you injured? You and other workers in Charlotte, NC should exercise the right to be compensated and should pursue legal help.


At Collier Law, we will assist you ith your insurance claim for your North Carolina work injury. We are here to support and protect your labor rights. Our group of Charlotte, NC lawyers will help you every step of the way.


Common Accidents and the Kind of Work Ailments They Bring

Accidents can happen at any time of the day and your Charlotte, NC workplace is not an exception. It results to an NC work injury that can affect your productivity at work. Even the most common of accidents can either cause short or long-term injuries at a particular area of your body. The aftermath of the incident can also bring stress and trauma due to the severity of your NC work injury.


Here are a few common accidents and possible work injuries that you might get:  


Falls as a Injury

Falling is a major Charlotte work hazard especially for employees working at construction sites. It can lead to severe work injuries, such as bone fractures, back injuries, or head trauma, and may even result in death. Immediate medical attention is needed if you fell from a staircase, scaffolds, etc. in Charlotte, NC


Accidents in Materials Handling

Charlotte, NC employees who work for a construction company are responsible for manhandling equipment or heavy objects. However, lifting something heavy that is not proportionate to a person’s weight can lead to serious muscle or spine-related work injuries.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Vehicular accidents can happen to any Charlotte, NC employee. Charlotte, NC employees from logistics and restaurant businesses are prone to these kinds of accidents because of the nature of their jobs. Work injuries from car or motorcycle accidents can lead to severe complications or even death.


Workers’ Compensation

This insurance is mandated by the state to protect workers from loss or damage arising from work-related accidents. Charlotte, NC companies that have three or more employees must apply for a Charlotte, NC workers’ compensation coverage.


Workers’ compensation also covers all kinds of work-related injuries that occurred at your Charlotte, NC workplace. Even if you are the one liable for the injury, Workers’ Compensation will still cover the damage because it happened during working hours.


Accidents That Are Compensated

Charlotte, NC workers’ compensation insurance covers any job-related injuries caused by accidents in your workplace. Because these are unintentional, your company is obliged to help you recover by providing medical assistance. 


What to Expect From Your Employer Regarding Work-Related Accidents

As an employee of any company in Charlotte, NC, you must know that you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation provided by your Charlotte NC company. Your Charlotte, NC employer should always provide the needed medical care and shoulder expenses for your recovery in case of work-related injuries. Learn more about personal injury lawyers here.


You must learn what work injuries can be compensated and find out if the Charlotte, NC company you work for has workers’ compensation coverage. If a legal dispute happens between you and your Charlotte, NC employer, consulting a Charlotte, NC lawyer will benefit you.

Know If Your Employer Has Compensation Coverage

If you meet an accident caused by work-related circumstances, your expenses should be covered by your employer. However, if you are unsure if your Charlotte, NC company has workers’ compensation coverage, you can ask your Charlotte, NC employer about it. You can also address your concerns to the administrative body in Charlotte, NC that enforces Worker’s Compensation.  


The Industrial Commission

This is the administrative body in the state of North Carolina that strictly imposes the North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act. This state agency provides for its effective implementation and promotes the security and welfare of North Carolina employees. Here are a few of the other functions of the agency:


  • Facilitates effective medical care and rehabilitation for injured workers in cases of complex medical/legal situations
  • Provides reliable, accurate, and efficient claims servicing
  • Provides prompt and efficient medical bill review in accordance with the NCIC medical fee schedule


What You Should Do If You Get Hurt


Seek Medical Help Immediately

If you are involved in any work-related accident, seek medical attention right away. Your employers should have designated medical physicians that will tend to your North Carolina work injury immediately.


After seeking medical treatment, you need to notify your superior about the accident that happened during work hours. The way to do that is to file a Form 18 document.


File a Job Injury Notice Form

The Form 18 form, also known as Notice of Accident, is a document that serves as a notification from you to your employer that you have been involved in a job-related accident. You need to file this as soon as you get treatment for your work injuries. If you are badly injured, you can hire a Charlotte, NC lawyer to assist you in the process.


In Case of Legal Disputes at Your Workplace

Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandated to secure an employee’s right to the benefits of employment and indemnify him in relatively unfair circumstances. It is important to note that an employee should not be deprived of Workers’ Compensation. It does not only cover financial expenses from work injuries arising from accidents, it also protects the employer-employee relationship.


However, if your employer is not in compliance with the state law, you may report their lack of such insurance. You can consult a professional legal adviser for the steps you need to take for this kind of noncompliance.


Collier Law Is Here to Help You

The need for employee’s welfare protection in his/her workplace is, indeed, a priority. As a worker, you don’t want to be stripped of the benefits that you are entitled to and be burdened by financial debts. These work injuries can cost you your job and affect your life in the process.


If you feel that your company is not doing its part in providing you with Workers’ Compensation, Collier Law is here to guide you through the appropriate action to take. We can assist you with your needs and protect your rights against a negligent employee in Charlotte NC. Click here to view our FAQs.


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