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Injury Claim Lawyer Charlotte NC

If you have been injured at work because of someone else’s negligence, then you certainly have every right to pursue injury compensation based on North Carolina law. In order to achieve this, you need to hire the services of an accident attorney who has an extensive amount of knowledge in the area of injury law.


Given that there are many North Carolina attorneys whose practice area is injury insurance, you should turn to one who will aggressively seek justice for the injuries you have suffered. Trey Collier is an accident lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of injury law and possesses a fiery passion to fight for every client.


Collier Law: A Charlotte North Carolina Attorney Advocating the Rights of People Who Are Eligible for Injury Claims and Injury Compensation in NC

At Collier Law, we are fully aware of the stress that people suffering from workplace injuries have to go through. For one, your injuries might render you physically incapable of working, thus compromising your livelihood in the process. On top of that, your injuries will require to receive potentially expensive medical attention—another financial burden.


Our firm is fully dedicated to securing injury compensation for hardworking citizens who have been unnecessarily injured while fulfilling their duties. We are led by Trey Collier, one of the most reputable injury lawyers in Charlotte, NC and a true advocate of justice. Attorney Collier has an extensive amount of experience in Charlotte, NC law and will do everything possible to get you the compensation claim that you deserve.


A Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney With a Firm Grasp of Injury Law

Although there are a number of Charlotte injury attorneys out there, only a few can rival the broad perspective of our own accident lawyer. Prior to establishing Collier Law, our injury lawyer in Charlotte, NC used to represent insurance companies and employers in these particular types of cases. Learn more about personal injury here.


Attorney Collier’s experience in working for the “other side” is invaluable, as he can clearly see both sides of injury compensation cases. Our accident attorney has the advantage of being one step ahead because he knows how employers and insurance agencies think. Thus, our accident lawyer can formulate a more effective strategy that incorporates perspectives from both sides, significantly increasing your chances of receiving injury compensation.


A Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney Who Can Handle Any Aspect of an Injury Law Case

North Carolina attorneys understand that a compensation claim case can materialize in different ways. For instance, injury claims can be disputed at the courtroom or through an out-of-court settlement. Thus, you should hire an accident attorney who is versatile enough to adjust to any situation and can consistently deliver exceptional legal services.


Attorney Collier is an accident lawyer who has an edge regardless of what stage your injury claims case is in. His brilliant insights and genuine desire to help injured clients have made him one of the leading injury lawyers in Charlotte, NC. Many clients have successfully received their compensation claims because of our very own accident attorney.


A Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney Who Is Highly Respected in the Industry

An accident lawyer with a stellar reputation, Attorney Collier has made several key appearances throughout his career. For instance, our Charlotte, North Carolina attorney has appeared before the following bodies:

  • Full Commission
  • North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • North Carolina District and Superior Courts
  • North Carolina Industrial Commission


Our accident attorney has spoken multiple times on various topics related to workers’ compensation claims in the area. This is a testament to our accident lawyer’s stature as an undeniably leading, well-respected Charlotte, North Carolina attorney. If you want an injury attorney you can count on, Trey Collier is definitely the man for the job.


A Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney Who Has a Real Interest in Your Compensation Claim Case

North Carolina attorneys who work for huge firms typically handle a lot of cases and have big clients. Thus, injured workers who hire Charlotte injury attorneys from these firms may not receive the attention that they deserve. These injured workers become case numbers—mere statistics in the greater scheme of things.


With Collier, you are guaranteed to receive the full and undivided attention of our compassionate NC accident claim lawyer. Trey Collier is an accident attorney who will take the time to scrutinize every detail of your case and get to know you as a person—not just a client seeking a compensation claim for your injuries.


With personalized legal representation from your compensation attorney, the odds of receiving justice for the injuries you have sustained considerably increase. The individualized approach of our injury lawyer in Charlotte, NC will make the path toward getting compensation claims a lot smoother.


A Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney Who Will Simplify the Process for You

The aspects of NC insurance law, as well as injury law in general, may appear to be complicated to those who have never been to law school. Trey Collier is an accident attorney who will translate these legal complexities into a simpler version that you can easily comprehend.


That way, you can have a clearer perspective of your compensation claim case and be on top of everything right from the very beginning. Our accident attorney will make sure that you are updated on your situation during every phase of the compensation claims process.


Benefits of Working With Collier Law


We Will Only Get Paid If You Do

Some attorneys, especially those working for bigger firms, charge an hourly rate that may become a financial burden for you. Here at Collier Law, we are determined to earn our pay. In fact, we shall only get paid if we can successfully secure the compensation that you deserve. That way, we will be absolutely motivated to deliver nothing less than outstanding results for you.


Everything Is Consolidated, Making the Process Hassle-Free for You in NC

Insurance companies and other parties involved in your case cannot contact you directly once you are officially represented by an attorney. All forms of communication must go through Attorney Collier, who is here to spare you of added stress—something you obviously do not need given your difficult situation. Thus, it is important to contact Collier Law immediately once you have decided to pursue your claim.


We Have an Accurate Idea of How Much Your Claim Is Worth in NC

Attorney Collier has worked on numerous personal injury cases over the years, ranging from small to enormous. This specialized type of knowledge allows him to provide you with an estimate of how much you should expect. He will exhaust all possible legal avenues to help ensure that you are satisfied when all is said and done.


You Have the Option of Going to Trial in the Event of Fruitless Negotiations

There is a possibility that the opposing party will not agree to compromise, resulting in failed negotiations for your compensation settlement. During cases like this, you can take the case to court. Attorney Collier has a vast amount of courtroom experience and can provide you with the superb legal representation that you deserve.


Contact Collier Law and Work With a Competent Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney

Hiring a skilled accident lawyer could very well spell the difference between securing a compensation claim and ending up with nothing. Don’t put your future at risk by hiring an injury attorney from a huge North Carolina law firm who may not have your best interests at heart. Instead, turn to a compassionate accident attorney who has the determination to help you.


Trey Collier will be at your side right from the start, maximizing his skills as an injury lawyer in Charlotte, NC to help you get the compensation claim that is rightfully yours. Our accident lawyer will provide you with a free and confidential consultation so that you have a solid grasp of your compensation claim situation. Get in touch with our accident attorney today.