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Notice of Accident Charlotte NC


People can get involved in a Charlotte accident, especially if they are required to work under harsh conditions. The injuries they may sustain in Charlotte, North Carolina can bring awful consequences to their daily living.


Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina require their employees to file a letter should they get involved in work-related accidents. Generally, this notification should be immediate to help make sure that the injured meets the eligibility requirements for a compensation claim. However, even with the immediate filing of the notice of accident for a claim, it may still not be acknowledged.


Collier Law is here to help you handle this kind of incident. Our lawyer will guide you in every area of the claim process and do whatever he or she can to help protect your rights and interests. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that we have the necessary resources to help get your notice of accident and claim acknowledged.


Instances of Accidents that Led to Notice of Accident in NC

In terms of frequency, work-related accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina are of ultimate concern. A Charlotte, NC statistical survey shows that the number of workplace injuries, whether minor or fatal, is at an all-time high for the past years.


This is proof that employees in Charlotte, North Carolina work in hazardous environments while being involved in strenuous labor. The most frequent occurrences of accidents in Charlotte are vehicle-related, such as car crashes. On the other hand, the work-related Charlotte accidents that occur less frequently are associated operating and lifting heavy equipment.


Given the damages that accidents can bring, you must know what to do to protect your welfare as an employee. If you are unsure about the legal action to take, you can always consult our lawyer who has expertise in this aspect of the legal system.


What You Can Do After Getting Hurt

If you get involved in a work-related Charlotte accident that resulted in you sustaining an accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, you must notify your employer or superior about what happened. Sending a notification ahead of time about the incident is highly advised, together with pieces of evidence that will further support the claim.


How to Inform Your Employer

A notice of accident, also known as Form 18, is a document containing all the information about the work-related incident that happened during work hours. You must state in your Form 18 the following:

  • Type of Injury You Obtained
  • What Body Part Was Injured
  • How Was the Accident Injury Sustained


Why Do You Need to File, and How Can You Make Sure It’s Valid?

As an N.C. employee, you filing this letter will serve as a notification to your employer that you want to be compensated for your injury and other damages incurred in the workplace incident. As mandated by workers’ compensation law, your employer should shoulder the expenses of your recovery if you got hurt during your employment with the company.


However, you must be cautious about the information you include in the letter. To make your points valid, you must present evidence that will support your report.


Importance of Evidence and How It Will Prove Validity

What Is Evidence?

Evidence is anything that strengthens a fact. In the context of legal processes, such as filing important letters, evidence can be anything and be of help to a person being questioned. It can be in the form of a document, such as a letter and oral testimonies from witnesses.


Significance of Evidence When Reporting an Incident

You must provide sufficient evidence that will help make your claim valid. Pieces of evidence that you will present to support your claim can make your case reasonable, thereby heightening your chance of obtaining compensation.


Ways You Can Prepare Evidence

Even before you file a Form 18, you can already organize pieces of evidence and classify the important ones that you’ll need as supporting details. Here’s what to expect when you collect your needed evidence:


Providing Information About the Accident               

You, the victim of the Charlotte incident, are the one responsible of proving the information in your letter. Always be honest about what you are going to disclose and be detailed as much as possible. You can also write it down, just to be on the safe side, and remember to give your employer a copy as well.


Testimony From Witnesses

Individuals who witnessed the incident where you got your accident can be a reliable source of evidence. It is much better if the witness is nowhere related to you because his or her testimony is unbiased and could be more convincing. Make sure to keep in touch with the person, and record all they have to say with their permission.


Keep Medical Records

Always keep your medical records, such as prescriptions, physician’s diagnostic reports, and hospital bills. These can be convenient when you want to prove how much the cost of treating your injury would be. Remember to ask your physician to give you a written diagnostic report and store it, together with your other medical logs.


Can Your Occupational Disease Be Included?

Occupational diseases can be included in the notice of accident or your Form 18. Some diseases you contracted in an incident that happened at work generally should be compensated. These diseases include ones that are contracted because of occupational hazards, such as harmful chemicals.


Can All Occupational Diseases Be Included?

The North Carolina Industrial Commission’s rule in filing an occupational disease in the Form 18 states that all occupational diseases contracted in a workplace incident can be included in the form. However, there are a few exceptions.


Few lung disorders, such as asbestosis, silicosis, and byssinosis, are examples of occupational diseases that cannot be included in the notice of accident. For this kind of disorder, another letter (Form 18B) is needed for the filing of a workers’ compensation claim.


Can You Have Your Own Representative to File for You?

If you are badly injured or severely ill, you can ask someone to file the notice of accident for you. However, carefully instruct your representative what specific information to file to avoid misinforming your Charlotte employer.


If you’re a Charlotte, NC employee who got hurt at work, hiring a lawyer in N.C. to assist you is the best course of action to take. He or she will do the extensive paperwork for you while you recover.


Where Should You Send the Notice?

You must send the accomplished Form 18 directly to the North Carolina Industrial Commission. However, the North Carolina’s Industrial Commission will only accept the original copy of the notice of accident. So, make sure to submit the original letter and keep a copy to yourself for your own reference.


Until When Could You File?

Generally, you can file a Form 18 within two years of the date of the incident. If you fail to file a Form 18 within the specific time, the North Carolina Industrial Commission will deny your compensation.


What Comes After You Complete and Submit?

The North Carolina Industrial Commission will process your Form 18 and send an e-mail if they acknowledge the letter. If everything in your Form 18 is valid, the North Carolina’s Industrial Commission will notify your employer via e-mail, instructing them to give you compensation voluntarily.


Trust Our Legal Professionals at Collier Law

For all of your claim process needs, turn to none other than Collier Law. Our team will assist you in filing your Form 18 and navigating the technicalities of the legal system. If you want to learn more, contact us.