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Work Related Injury Charlotte NC


Job-related injuries in Charlotte, North Carolina are far too common across occupational sectors. Whatever your work is, work-related injuries may happen anytime. They can be very dangerous as they can sometimes lead to permanent disabilities and even death. Some of the most common job-related injuries that you might encounter while working are:


  • Cuts or Punctures

A cut or a laceration is an opening in the skin, while a puncture is a wound that is usually caused by a pointed object piercing the skin. These work-related injuries are at high risk of infection.


  • Strains and Sprains

These job-related injuries abnormally stretch or tear the muscles, tendons, or ligaments that support the joints. They may be caused by repetitive tasks, such as lifting and pulling.


  • Fractures

Fractures happen when your bone is broken or shattered. If you are involved in a work accident such as falling from high places or getting into a car crash, then fractures may happen.


  • Contusions

Contusions or bruises occur when blood vessels are injured due to trauma. If you bumped into a hard object or hit yourself with a hammer while working, a bruise may occur.


  • Inflammation

This is the process wherein our white blood cells produce substances to protect us from infection. If you are exposed to chemicals or radiation while working, an inflammation may happen.


What Your Charlotte Employer Should Do If You Get Hurt in NC

Most employers or business owners have their own set of rules and regulations to secure their employees’ safety. However, job-related injuries do happen. In case of work-related injuries, an employer should do the following:


  • Ensure Their Employee’s Safety

An employer should first take care of the injured employee. In an emergency situation, he/she should make sure that you get the needed treatment as quickly as possible. However, in a nonemergency situation, your employer should make sure that you get the immediate medical care in the nearest walk-in clinic.


  • Secure the Area

In case of a serious work accident, your employer should secure the area and any materials that were related to the incident for investigative purposes. He/she should also limit the access to the site of the accident in order to avoid more work-related injuries.


  • Ensure That Necessary Paperwork Are Completed

Under the recordkeeping regulation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), your employer is required to prepare and maintain records of work-related injuries. He/she should also prepare an incident report and submit it to the injured employee’s compensation insurance carrier. Some insurance carriers offer programs that might help the injured employee.


  • Create a Return-to-Work Program or a Transitional Modified Program

Employees who have had serious work-related injuries may not be able to perform the same job that they do. The return-to-work program or transitional modified job program may help these employees return to work, but they will be assigned to a different position. Your employer is not required to have these programs, but a good employer might implement them.


If you can no longer do your previous job due to your injuries, your employer may refuse to continue your employment. However, you may still receive compensation benefits and a settlement from the insurance company to resolve your claim.


  • Be Prepared for the Situation

Your employer should make the safety of his/her employees a priority. He/she must remain in contact with an approved medical provider just in case work-related injuries happen again. Your employer should also plan a transitional modified job program ahead to help his/her employees should any job-related injuries occur.


What You Should Do If You Get Hurt

Some employees in Charlotte, NC who sustained job-related injuries while working may not know the steps in getting the help that they deserve. Here are three steps you might want to consider if you have work-related injuries:


  • Report the Incident to Your Employer

If you suffer job-related injuries while working, report the incident immediately to your employer or immediate supervisor. You may lose your right to workers’ compensation benefits if you fail to inform your employer within a given time period.


You should also ask your employer for a copy of your accident report in order to protect your claim. If your claim is not disputed, your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier will pay for the cost of the medical services. Failure to report the work-related injuries can give your employer the right to deny you of insured medical treatment and out-of-work benefits.


  • Seek Medical Treatment As Soon As Possible

After informing your employer about job-related injuries, you will be provided with a form that contains a list of Charlotte, NC doctors. You can choose one of the doctors approved by your employer and its insurer to provide medical treatment for your job-related injuries.


However, if you need emergency treatment, you don’t have to wait for the list of approved doctors. You should immediately go to the nearest N.C. hospital.


  • Contact Your Lawyer

Most employees are not familiar with the compensation system of Charlotte, NC. They may not even know if they are given the right compensation or treatment that they deserve. This is the reason why contacting an N.C. lawyer is very helpful in case you have work-related injuries. Click here to learn about our personal injury services.


If your employer disputes your claim, you should ask the help of an N.C. lawyer immediately. Your N.C. lawyer will review your claim to see whether you have been provided with the right benefits or unjustly denied of them. He/she will work hard to help you get the medical treatment you deserve and the compensation that you are eligible for.


Tips in Finding a Good Lawyer

Injury lawyers can be a big help in case you sustain any job injury in Charlotte, NC. You may want to consider these tips in finding your N.C. lawyer.


  • Identify Which Practice Area the Lawyer Focuses On

Not all N.C. lawyers focus their practice in defending clients who have job-related injuries. You should make sure that the personal injury lawyer you get has experience in cases associated with work-related injuries.


  • Ask Someone for Recommendations

You may want to ask someone from Charlotte, North Carolina who have had work-related injuries before. He/she may refer you to a good lawyer who can defend your claim.


  • Do a Background Check

Checking your lawyer’s background can give you an idea about how good he/she is. You may want to check his/her years of experience and his/her work history in N.C.


  • Set Up an Appointment for Consultation

Meeting the N.C. lawyer in person will help you determine if he/she has a strong work ethic. You may also want to ask questions regarding your job injury to check if he/she is good for your case.


  • Find Out If You Can Pursue Your Claim

Pursuing a claim can be very stressful. You may want a personal injury lawyer who can pursue your claim on your behalf. Be it litigation in the courtroom or negotiation in the boardroom, your N.C. lawyer should be able to defend your claim and ensure that you get a fair settlement.


Hire a Lawyer from a Trusted Law Firm

If you want more information about what you can do in case of job-related injuries, you can ask an injury lawyer or a workers' compensation attorney at Collier Law. We will listen to your story and try our best to get you the settlement you deserve. In addition, we can offer you a first consultation for free. Contact us to learn more! Click here to contact us.