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Some injured employees in Charlotte, NC think that they can handle claiming their workers’ compensation benefit on their own. Sometimes, Charlotte workers may think that they have been compensated fairly or that they have received a settlement that they deserve.


What they don’t realize is that they can actually receive more benefits than what is already given to them. So what are the benefits you can get with the help of Charlotte, North Carolina workers compensation lawyers?


  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

While recuperating, the injured Charlotte workers should receive TTD benefits. In Charlotte, NC, you may receive these benefits after 7 days, and it can last up to 500 weeks depending on your situation.


However, TTD benefits are not easy to claim as you would need to prove your disability. In this case, you may need your workers comp attorney to help you out.


  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

Some injured Charlotte workers who are still in their healing period are able to return to work after a short period. During this time, you may receive TPD benefits to make up for your reduced wages.


These benefits may also continue up to 500 weeks depending on your circumstances. However, some employers may want to stop your TPD benefits once you return to work. When this occurs, you will need a worker’s comp lawyer to defend your case.


  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

Once you reach the end of your recovery period or Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), you may continue to have impairment in one of your body parts. You can be eligible to receive PPD benefits in the situation.


However, not all body parts are qualified for PPD, and each body part has their own rate and period of compensation. Your workers comp attorney is knowledgeable about the rates and period of compensations as they are included in Article 1 of Charlotte, NC Workers’ Compensation Act.


  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

PTD benefits are paid to injured Charlotte workers who meet a certain criteria. As of June 24, 2011, Charlotte workers who suffer spinal injuries, brain or head injuries, and other severe injuries that are caused by the work-related injury should receive PTD benefits. It would be best to ask your worker’s comp lawyer about this to make sure that you get the benefits you deserve.


What Worker’s Comp Attorneys Do

Unlike personal injury lawyers, workers comp lawyers focus only on workplace injuries. Here are some ways your workers comp attorney can assist you:


  • Ensuring That Your Medical Bills Are Paid

If charlotte workers are injured at work, their NC lawyer can help ensure that their medical bills are paid through your workers’ compensation benefit. If in case you are in need of more medical care or monitoring, your NC lawyer can also help with your application for additional medical compensation.


  • Helps in Negotiating for a Fair Settlement

Having a lawyer can increase your chance of getting the settlement that you deserve. Worker’s comp attorneys are usually good at negotiating and rest assured that they have your best interest in mind.


  • Helps in Filing Your Claim Petition

In case your claim is disputed, your worker’s comp lawyer can help you file a Claim Petition. Your lawyer will gather all evidence to ensure that your application won’t be denied again.


  • Helps You Understand the Legal Procedure

Pursuing your claim won’t be easy. Your NC lawyer is someone who can explain the legal process of your claim and can guide through this difficult process.


  • Helps in Ensuring That You Have Correctly Filled Out Your NC Claim

After having work-related injuries, there are forms such as the Form 18 or Form 18B that needs to be submitted to your employer or their insurance carrier and to the Industrial Commission. Your worker’s comp lawyer will make sure that you have correctly filled out these forms and submit them on time.


  • Helps in Filing Your Disability Benefits

Many charlotte workers may become disabled due to a work-related injury. Your worker’s comp attorney can help you out in filing for Social Security disability benefits.Learn more about Charlotte North Carolina workers compensation lawyers here.


When to Hire an Attorney

If your injuries are relatively minor and you can get back to work after a few days, then you might not need to hire a worker’s comp attorney. However, there are situations where you really need to hire an NC lawyer.


  • You Are Not Sure If the Settlement Offer Is Fair

If you are not sure that the settlement being offered to you is enough, it might be best to contact your worker’s comp attorney. You never know if you should actually receive more than what is being offered.


  • Your Employer and Their Insurers Dispute Your Claim

Some injured charlotte workers tend to give up when their claim is denied. Together with your worker’s comp lawyer, you can submit a Claim Petition for a higher chance of getting a fair settlement.


  • You Are Planning to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Having an unfair settlement may lower your Social Security disability payments. This could be avoided by having a good NC lawyer.


  • You Have Suffered a Permanent Disability

Aside from Social Security disability payments, charlotte workers may be entitled to receive weekly payments from insurance companies to make up for their lost wages. Your worker’s comp attorney will make sure that you get what you deserve.


  • Your Employer Fired or Demoted You For Filing Your Claim

There are cases wherein an employer may retaliate against an injured employee. Your employer may fire or demote you. In this case, your worker’s comp lawyer may be able to do something by protecting your legal rights.


  • Your Employer Does Not Have Insurance

In some cases, your employer may not have workers’ compensation insurance. Your NC lawyer knows exactly what to do since he knows how the law applies in this type of situation.


How You Can Find Good Legal Assistance

Finding an NC lawyer to handle your case can be difficult due to the many law firms in Charlotte, NC. Here are some ways to look for a good worker’s comp attorney:


  • Referrals

If the NC lawyer you know currently has other areas of focus on, you can ask for any recommendation as another NC lawyer can defend your case as well. You may also ask other people who have been in your situation as they may refer a good worker’s comp attorney who can handle your case.


  • Local Law Schools

Law schools usually hire seasoned attorneys to supervise their students. Other schools even provide free assistance for individuals who cannot afford to pay the services of an NC lawyer.


  • Legal Aid Organization

You can also try to contact the legal aid organization in your area as they often have an NC lawyer who handles worker’s compensation issues. Some organizations also have clinics where you can speak with a volunteer worker’s comp attorney for free.


Get Your Attorney at Collier Law

If you are an employee in Charlotte, NC and you suffer from any workplace injury, you may want to get a worker’s comp attorney at Collier Law. Rest assured that we prioritize your needs, and we want to give you peace of mind since we know that you need it the most at this time. Click here to learn more about our North Carolina workers comp attorneys and the workers comp services we provide.


We will always be there to guide you through this difficult process of claiming your benefits, and we will make sure to fight so you could get the settlement that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions and inquiries. Our doors are always open to serve you!