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Workers Comp Lawyer Needed Charlotte NC

Charlotte is the most populated city in North Carolina and is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. With rapid expansion every year, globalization can clearly be felt in the city. However, growth also comes with inevitable legal work problems, specifically with compensation insurance.


Worker’s compensation insurance is a state-mandated policy that provides indemnity benefits and medical benefits to injured workers of a company. Additionally, it is the area of specialty for a workers compensation attorney. Charlotte workers who were injured in a work accident or had gotten severe health issues because of their job should have compensation claims.


However, the company may refuse to acknowledge their involvement or their responsibility or even refuse the compensation claim required from them. In situations like this, it is best to call a workers compensation attorney for help.


A Trusted NC Workers Compensation Attorney

One of the credible compensation lawyers in N.C. is part of Collier Law. Our director is a Charlotte North Carolina attorney who thinks about the client’s best interest. Knowing your situation, studying, and winning your case is our mission. Learn about what injuries are compensable here.


There are different ways to handle workers’ compensation legal cases. A workers compensation attorney like ours can assist you in all of them.


When Do You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

In every company, accidents happen. However, there are some companies who do not take responsibility for the injuries their Charlotte workers received. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, it might be time to get legal assistance.


  • Your Company and Compensation Insurance Company Deny Your Claim

There are compensation insurance companies who deny or delay compensation claims from workers assuming they will not reapply or appeal. Sadly, a lot of Charlotte workers do not file a dispute and look for other places to pay for their bills and monthly expenses.


This is a tactic used by many big insurance companies. It is better to consult a compensation lawyer in this situation.


  • The Settlement Does Not Cover Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Charlotte workers who work well for their companies and are met with an accident by working have the right to fair compensation claims. Some companies talk to their injured employees and ask them to sign papers offering them less than they should have. When you are in this situation, it is best to call a personal injury attorney first before signing any document.


  • Your Medical Insurance and Compensation Insurance Don’t Meet

The problem with many compensation insurance companies is they often push required work to other insurance companies a patient has. Your compensation attorney can act as a mediator for your medical insurer and compensation insurer to come to an agreement.


  • Your Compensation Insurance Company Asks for a Recorded Statement

There are insurance companies who ask for a recorded statement about the accident or conduct an interview. This recorded statement may be used against you in court. Do not agree to this, and call a personal injury lawyer.


  • Your Disability Leaves You Unable You To Do Your Job

Whether permanently or temporarily, a personal injury lawyer can help you go back to your job. Your employer cannot force you to do your job or go to work without the approval of your doctor. Upon permanent disability, you may be entitled to a weekly check for lost wages or a single lump sum.


Charlotte workers will not lose their jobs because of the hospitalization, the accident, the injury, or the legal actions they took. Your company cannot demote you, lessen your hours, reduce your pay, and make you work more than your job entails, or subject you to discrimination of any kind.


When you experience any of these situations, call your workers compensation lawyer.  Protecting your rights is important, especially if your work-related injury leaves you disabled.


  • The Compensation Insurance Company Cuts Off Your Check

After the hospitalization, some compensation insurance companies file to discontinue your weekly check. As soon as you receive a notice, contact a compensation attorney to counter the appeal.


Why Hire an N.C. Compensation Attorney?

There are a lot of positive points to hiring a lawyer for problems with your compensation claim. Most companies already have workers compensation lawyers, and insurance companies have a team of compensation attorneys too.


To protect your rights, it is best for you to have your own workers compensation attorney. Here are some reasons why it would be beneficial for you to do so:


  • Compensation lawyers can get you a fair compensation claim without the service fees. A standard fee for workers compensation lawyer in North Carolina is 25% of your compensation claim. An attorney only receives the payment after a case is resolved or won.


  • Just like companies, a work injury lawyer will know more about which injuries are covered and which are not. Some companies will refuse to pay for some of the medical expenses for your injuries, but with a personal injury lawyer at your side, they cannot fool you.


  • Charlotte workers can get legal guidance on what to do, and how to get the compensation claim they deserve. There are laws you may not know that Charlotte attorneys are well aware of. A compensation attorney can show you the steps to secure your compensation claim.


  • In case of a disability, whether partial or total, permanent or temporary, a personal injury lawyer can recommend how much compensation claim you can receive. A personal injury attorney can also suggest possible rehabilitations that are covered by insurance.


  • For illegal termination, you can count on a compensation attorney to help you settle or file a lawsuit. No matter how big the company is, defending your rights is a comp attorney’s job. With their help, you do not need to worry too much (recovery should be a patient’s priority).


  • A workers compensation lawyer can answer your inquiries regarding your case. Every person has a different situation, so it is best to call a workers compensation attorney for a consultation. Do not worry about consultation fees; we offer legal consultation free of charge.


Charlotte, North Carolina Attorney

North Carolina lawyers understand the North Carolina Industrial Commission laws. Compensation lawyers have studied the laws and have experienced how to defend their clients in court.


Work compensation lawyers are knowledgeable about the employer’s compensation coverage so they can support and protect you better. It is difficult to defend yourself when the insurance companies and the company you work for have compensation lawyers on their side.


Our Needed N.C. Workers Compensation Lawyer

At Collier Law, we will aid you in receiving your compensation claim. Charlotte workers will be given their needed medical benefits and wage losses while they recover from their injury. A workers compensation attorney will concentrate on your case. Click here to learn more about us.


Our director is a Charlotte North Carolina Attorney who has also experienced working for insurance companies. By knowing the goal of both sides of a compensation case, our North Carolina lawyer can earnestly handle your case with your interest in mind. We offer personalized legal representation that suits you.


Your payment is not a problem; we only get paid when you win the case. When you are a client of Collier Law, you win well before your case is resolved. For a free consultation, please contact us.